Delayed Reaction
An unscheduled stop sets in motion a dramatic train of events...

Step aboard the 15:08 King’s Cross to York service and settle into your seat. A hiss of brakes... a juddering halt... an unexpected announcement.

"We regret to inform you that we will be unable to move on for up to an hour."

Irritated murmurs are heard and mobile phones become busy. All around fellow passengers are shifting restlessly in their seats. How will this hour affect their lives?

Join some of the passengers on the 15:08 as they face the trials of a delayed train journey, a journey which will impact all their lives.

Delayed Reaction is the second book by the award-winning Amersham-based writing group Just Write. Their first book Spilling the Beans won Writing Magazine’s Writers’ Circle Anthology Award 2014.

240 pages, A5 size

Paperback £6.99      eBook £5.99

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